Specialist Electrical Services

Specialist electrical load monitoring and power logging surveys

Specialist Electrical Services

To complement our specialist electrical safety services, we hold a range of specialist test equipment to allow us to provide services direct to businesses and industry and sub-contracted to facilities companies and contractors alike.

Thermal Imaging

Using thermal imaging for predictive maintenance can greatly reduce downtime in the business environment. Our detailed reports are excellent for routine inspections or fault-finding of electrical equipment or components.

See case studies of our Thermal Imaging work here

Energy Consumption and Power Quality Analysis

In today’s economic climate, energy reduction is becoming an increasingly pivotal focus for businesses in the UK. As operational costs rise and the power demand intensifies, companies are actively seeking ways to optimise their energy usage and reduce expenses. Catering to this essential need, our team of skilled electrical engineers is equipped to offer comprehensive solutions using advanced power logging equipment.

We specialise in conducting detailed electrical load analyses, which are crucial for identifying areas where energy efficiency can be improved. Our services extend from examining a single piece of production machinery to assessing an entire electrical installation. Through meticulous analysis of the electrical load, we can pinpoint inefficiencies, suggest modifications, and assist in implementing strategies that lead to significant energy savings.

The impact of our Electrical Load Analysis Work is best illustrated through our case studies. These real-world examples demonstrate how our expertise has enabled businesses to optimise their power usage, leading to reduced energy costs and enhanced operational efficiency. These case studies not only exhibit our proficiency in electrical load analysis but also reflect our commitment to helping businesses thrive in an environment where energy management is crucial to success. To gain more insight into our work and its benefits, we encourage you to explore these case studies and witness the tangible results of our electrical load analysis services.

Cable Fault Location

Using state of the art electrical test equipment we are able to locate electrical cables which may be believed dead or redundant, or locate services for safe isolation prior to construction or excavation works.

Knowing the location of underground services is essential to conducting any excavation or construction works safely. We are able to provide marked up drawings or CAD plans.

Electrical Design & Consultancy

Bringing the right electrical designer into your design team early can save money and time later in the construction stages.

Fully conversant with CIBSE, IET and ILP guidelines we can ensure your installations are compliant and designed in an energy-efficient manner.

Our team are able to provide a range of design services including:

  • Electrical design – Distribution Networks, Small Power, Generator Installations, UPS
  • Lighting design – Interior, Exterior and Car Park/Street Lighting schemes
  • Data and Telecoms
  • Fire Alarms
  • PAVA Schemes
  • Access Control and Security Schemes
  • CCTV installations

Electrical Validation and Commissioning Surveys

Our consultancy team are experienced in producing a range of detailed surveys to commercial premises, either pre or post occupancy, or validation works prior to construction projects.

Conversant with a range of IET, CIBSE and ILP codes of practice and guidelines we are able to undertake validation works covering:

  • Electrical Distribution
  • HV/LV Networks
  • Generator Installations
  • Lift Installations
  • Electrical Risers
  • Lighting Installations
  • Lighting Controls
  • Emergency Lighting Risk Assessments
  • Car Park Lighting
  • Light Level Analysis
  • Emergency Lighting Light Level Analysis
  • Fire Alarms
  • Public Address Voice Alarms
  • Disabled Refuge Telephones
  • Disabled Toilet Call Systems
  • Fire Alarm Sounder Level Analysis
  • Data Installations
  • Telecoms Installations
  • Finger Tip Cable Trace Surveys
  • Underground Cable Surveys
  • Isolation Confirmation
  • Access Control Systems
  • Security Systems
  • CCTV Systems
  • Electrical Inspection and Testing
  • Intrusive surveys of floor and ceiling voids
  • Containment surveys
  • Busbar load analysis
  • Power Quality and Load Level Analysis
  • Switchgear surveys
  • Measured surveys of Plant Rooms
  • Plant Room Sound Level Analysis
  • Underground service location

To complement our detailed inspection reports, comprehensive photography, marked-up CAD drawings and plans provide clear information for design and feasibility studies to be conducted.

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