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Periodic Inspections – Simple Guide

Periodic Inspection is just what it sounds – checking all of your electrical systems from time to time.

Electrical systems may be installed to the very highest standards, but over time, through use, maintenance and environmental issues, parts of the system may degrade. It is therefore important to have periodic checking of your electrical systems. This is generally done every 5 years.

We carefully check the full electrical installation to ensure continued safety of your staff and office contents. This may extend to the protection of the property by fire arising from installation problems.

For more information please see our page:  Electrical Inspections & Testing

So how do I know when my next Periodic Inspection is due?

This is a difficult question for us to answer. You should have an Electrical Safety Certificate which would indicate the date of your last inspection. If we did your last inspection, then we will have records of when it was done.

How do I arrange it?

Just telephone us on 01276 300351

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